About Blue Sky Data Corp


Overwhelmed by Blue Sky compliance?

Ignoring Blue Sky requirements for secondary trading?

Whatever your answer, there’s a better way.....

Hundreds of broker/dealers coast to coast have solved their Blue Sky compliance requirements through the use of our exclusive Blue Sky information data base.

Current...Updated daily throughout the day..Accurate...Verifiable and expertly interpreted to ensure compliance.

Complete, with a listing of every domestic and foreign security traded in the US and its possessions. Your search time is cut to near zero.

Easy to use...Quick turnaround... Fast service...No longer lose a sale or chance a violation on a trade. We’ve done all the research and analysis for you.


Blue Sky Requirements can differ by state for each security issued. Requirements are often open to interpretation and question. We actively question and seek up-front clarification of security requirements as they are issued in order to provide you with fast and accurate interpretations.


Blue Sky Data Corp has been in business for 30 years. It is recognized as the leading source of Blue Sky Rules and Regulations in America. Our company has gone through a rapid period of expansion to meet the needs of a growing list of subscribers to our services and to provide data on the wave of new issues and changes that occur effecting existing securities.

Every broker is aware of the importance of complying with Blue Sky regulations. With Blue Sky Data Corp service: fines, rescissions, cease and desist orders can be eliminated. Lost trades due to misunderstanding or misinterpretation of regulations no longer are a problem. We take a positive approach to your needs.

We have a full library of information and an automated program for historical trading. Our research staff is available to substantiate and document any state regulatory inquiries that may arise from past transactions.   

Our goal is to provide all the information on state requirements at the fingertips of compliance officers and their departments. This hot spot in conducting transactions, which has been a problem for brokers, is expertly and quickly resolved with our service. Blue Sky Data Corp is committed to providing this unique service with skill and knowledge in today’s market and improving compliance through information technology.

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